Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Bail Bonds

What is a bail bond?
A bail bond is a financial guarantee that a criminal defendant will appear at every mandatory, scheduled court date until their case is closed even after they are released from jail.

What is the process for bail bonds?
Once an individual is fully booked, an amount will be determined for their release. This is known as their bail amount. After the amount has been set, you can search for a bail bondsman to begin the process. Bail agents are allowed to solicit and negotiate the undertakings of bail on behalf of the insurer.

What does a bail bondsman do?
A bail bondsman is responsible to pledge property or money as bail for a criminal defendant’s required court appearance.

What is the cost of hiring a bondsman?
Bondsman fees should not to exceed 15% of the bond’s value, as stated by the court.

What do you accept as collateral?
The most common examples of collateral include real estate, cars, jewelry, stocks, and other forms of assets.

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