• When To Contact a Bail Bondsman

    Man getting arrested by a police officer in Concord, NC
    Incarceration is an overwhelming experience that can be difficult to navigate alone. However, before dialing your lawyer, it’s imperative to focus on your immediate release with a trusted bail bonds service. Discover expert bail bonds guidance with 1st Choice Bonding & Surety in Concord, NC, to eliminate the guesswork.

    When to Consider Hiring a Bail Bonding Company

    When you or a loved one has been arrested, hiring a bail bond agent should be your first action. Once you are booked and processed, the magistrate will determine your bail. Your next move is to contact 1st Choice Bonding & Surety to post bail on your behalf immediately.

    The Role of a Bail Bond Agent

    A bail bond agent handles bail proceedings in exchange for a nonrefundable fee equal to 15% or less of the total bail amount. Once the fee is satisfied, the bail bondsman works out a surety bond with the court. This secures the defendant’s release without the burden of challenging bail payments.

    The Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bondsman vs a Lawyer

    The backing of a lawyer and bail bondsman are equally important. However, it’s advantageous to contact a bail bond agent first. Lawyers guide you through your legal proceedings, but you must first secure release to begin your defense. That’s where the expertise of a bail bond agent takes precedence.

    The Advantages of Calling a Bail Bond Agent

    The assistance of a full-service bail bonding company is paramount. When you call a bail bondsman first, you gain access to unrivaled advantages, including:

    • Achieve an expedited release
    • In-depth local legal system knowledge and connections
    • Documentation assistance
    • More affordable

    Avoid Wrongful Convictions

    Prosecutors try to gain leverage by offering plea bargains. Plea bargains involve a guilty plea in exchange for reduced charges and less jail time. However, they also result in criminal records and convictions for crimes that may not have been committed. To avoid this, prioritize a streamlined release to build your defense with a trusted bail bondsman.

    What to Expect From a Reputable Bail Bonds Officer

    Trusting in a reputable bail bonds officer expedites your release from incarceration and provides unwavering support and peace of mind. When you choose a reputable bail bond service, you can expect the following:

    • Legal system connections
    • Confidentiality, respect, and the highest ethical standards
    • Professionalism and transparency

    Understanding Bail Amounts & Payments

    After being arrested, you will appear in front of a magistrate who will determine the bail amount. This bail amount is based on the accused crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and other associated factors. To secure release, this amount can be paid in full to the jail or satisfied using a bail bonds service.

    How a Bail Bonds Service Works

    Rather than pay the full sum of bail to the jail, you may save money, time, and stress by working with a full-service bail bonding company. This process involves paying a bail bondsman a percentage of the total bail amount in order for them to solicit and negotiate bail on your behalf.

    How Your Bail Bond Agent Can Help

    The bail bonds process is simple and cost-effective. First, you must contact a bail bondsman to create an order for release in exchange for a nonrefundable fee. The fee can be paid in cash, by card, or by providing collateral. The bail bondsman then provides the court with the paperwork to secure the defendant’s release.

    What Your Bail Bond Agent Will Require From You

    Before getting started with a bail bonds service, it’s important to have the necessary information. To secure bail bonds, a bail bond agent will ask you for the following:

    • Defendant’s arrest information, booking number, and charges
    • Fee payment and/or collateral

    Discover Full-Service Bail Bonds in Concord, NC

    1st Choice Bonding & Surety is here to uphold and protect your freedom by helping you streamline your release. As a full service bail bonding company, our offerings include:

    • Swift pick-ups and surrenders
    • Discreet apprehensions
    • Handling failure to appear warrants

    Get Started With Concord, NC’s Trusted Bail Bonding Company

    If you or a loved one has been arrested, look no further than 1st Choice Bonding & Surety. Our confidential, efficient, and reliable bail bonds service is the key to securing immediate release to get started on your defense. Contact our experts for 24 hour bail bonds.